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Toronto Power and Sail Squadron

Join the Squadron!
Improve your boating knowledge!
Help improve boating safety in Canada!

CPS is a nationwide organization of men and women interested in all facets of recreational boating, in all manner of boating venues, from small lakes and rivers to the world's oceans. No matter where a CPS member travels in this great country, a CPS squadron is close at hand, and a warm welcome is always assured.

Wherever you see the CPS Member Flag flying, you know you are among friends.

Members are encouraged to take Advanced courses, working towards a Full Certificate, know referred to as "Senior Navigator" and to enjoy the many other benefits of belonging to CPS.

$ 48.00 - Regular / Associate Member
$ 24.00 - Family Member
$   3       - Junior Member (under 18 yrs.)
                 processing fee

Membership renewal is now available on line at the national web site. At any time, members may login and update their profile information. Registering on the national site ensures that you will receive information from both squadron and national via email. Please keep your information up to date.

Your Squadron communicates mainly through Email.

Be sure to keep your CPS Profile up-to-date.

Here's how [download PDF instructions]

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