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Some reflections...

Bob Beale N, Past Chief Commander, Commander TPS 1963:

The first TPS class lecture was at National Yacht Club on January 3, 1947. The charter was dated December 1948. Classes of Junior Piloting moved to Canada Packers and Tip Top Tailors. In 1951, TPS produced a newssheet that was called "The Porthole". Neighbouring squadrons asked for copies as well as contributing news. In 1957 D/C Bill Robertson made a motion at the CPS governing board that the news sheet Porthole should become the official CPS publication. John Dauphin of TPS, continued on as editor.

In 1958 TPS organized a cruise of members' boats that started at Campbellford on the Trent and was scheduled to finish at Georgian Bay. Overnight stops were spent in tents, on board some boats and at nearby motels. Some 30 boats participated. The cruise got as far as Lost Channel just above Big Chute , then went back to Lake Couchiching, where it finished

The AGM of CPS in the early days was held at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto. TPS had a lot to do with the organization of the meetings. In 1963 the annual conference moved to Vancouver. A large number fron TPS and other squadrons went by train from Toronto to Vancouver. The annual conference has since moved from Coast to Coast.

Elizabeth Lytle AP, Commander 1993-1995:

It really is amazing to realize that we are celebrating our 50th year!

I came aboard after a Boating Course in 1989, and decided that as a teacher during the day, the place for me was as proctor in the Boating class. I have some very fond memories of those classes, working in the "Front Line", so to speak.

It didn't seem all that long before I found myself as Commander of TPS. As I think back I have so many varied memories of all aspects of Squadron life. A very memorable time was our 1993 National Conference in Quebec City at the Chateau Frontenac Hotel. What an event that was .. and the dinner for around 600 was unsurpassed and totally unbelievable! ( That same evening, through a countless number of courses during dinner, many of us snuck off to see the Toronto Blue Jays win their first World Series!)

Another Conference I attended was during my second term as Commander, the following year. This one was at the Edmonton Mall. Again super sessions, and many new people to meet. One vivid memory was to see so many young people travelling the Mall in electric carts, and wondering how they had become disabled! (Only to realize our error when we encountered vast rows of the darn vehicles to rent!)

Of course, having my own boat, and summers off, my best memories come with the annual rendezvous. I remember snow in June at Hanlon's Point (for perhaps 10 minutes duration, but it reads well in a ship's log.) I remember great evenings, great food, and great times with great people.

Although not involved with teaching adults at this time, I remain sort of on that front line. At my own H.C.Y.C housed at Toronto Island Marina, I have given the Boatwise course for children 8-12 years old. The fact that so many families are turning to boating encourages me to think that our futures as Safe Boating Educators continue on and on.

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